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We are an experienced prototyping and low volume defence parts manufacturers, working with designers and engineers. With our state-of-the-art production facilities, we bring your CAD projects to life by prototyping a variety of defence components in plastics and metals.

3D Prototype helps in creating models directly from 3D data making the process easy, time-saving and trouble-free. These models are more accurate making it convenient to multiply them or scale up or down as per the requirement.

At 3D Prototype, we support automotive vehicle designs with professional Rapid Prototyping solutions. 3D Prototype helps automotive designers and engineers break down barriers to innovation and make the entire process smooth and simple.

3D prototypes better communicate the products aesthetics and performance. At 3D Prototype, we help you save time and save money with our affordable prototyping techniques and solutions.

The design process for newly built medical devices includes examination and testing through creation of physical medical prototypes. Via 3D prototyping, we empower doctors, researchers and medical device manufacturers to create solutions faster and customize solutions as per their requirements.
We work alongside doctors, surgeons, researchers from various hospitals and academic institutions across India.

Dental and maxillofacial surgery procedures can pretty tricky. Every patient’s mouth is a little different, and you’re working in really small spaces. To understand the procedure and reduce anxiety, specialists often create reference models to help them understand the surgery before it begins. We at 3D Prototype assists dentist to make such models.

3D Prototype can be a good resource for jewellers, artists, and designers. Quickly prototype new designs and rapidly produces large batches of ready-to-cast parts..

3D Prototype can offer a cost-effective way to build prototype parts for electronic prototypes. We also provide mechanical designing assistance to create variety of enclosures or other parts as required.