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About Us

October 10, 2016

Welcome to 3D Prototype

3D Printing or Rapid Prototyping consists of different International technologies and processes, all with the same aim, to produce real physical models of your design in the fastest possible way at an affordable price.

At 3D Prototype, we offer Rapid Prototyping, Small Production Techniques, Scanning and Designing services. Coupled with quality prototypes and a commitment to customer service and satisfaction, we have the ability to become a powerful part of your research and development team. With our in-house finishing & designing team, we not only create but also upgrade designs as per the need of our client, thereby distinguishing our services from other Rapid Prototyping service providers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide best, affordable and timely Rapid Prototyping Services to all customers. We are also committed to upgrade our technology and machinery as per the latest industry standards.


Each part undergoes quality inspections during the quoting, programming, manufacturing and part finishing stages to ensure our customers receive high-quality parts to their order specifications. We protect the privacy of our customers, guaranteeing total data security with every project by signing NDA contracts.

We have worked with organizations in the fields of Automobile, Architecture, Model Making, Food Manufacturing, Medical & More. Our Customer base stretches from OEM, Engineers, Independent hobbyists, Designers, Artists helping transform ideas to reality.


Why Us?

Speed Innovation

We provide speedy innovation using International techniques through real world testing before the product launch.



With 6 International Machines, we assure quality & timely completion of project.


Affordable Prototyping Services

Lower innovation costs with affordable prototypes, helping development teams focus on testing and exploring more ideas.


100% Customer Satisfaction

We incorporate customer feedback in the early stages of product development cycle, thereby meeting customer needs in order to ensure that the product is delivered on time with highest precision standards.


In-house Inventory for Engineering, Architectural and other Needs

3D prototype keeps all kinds of engineering tools to make your working prototype a success with innumerable Ideas and Different sample Material to choose from.. They all Keeps us busy to make timely upgrade of our inventory.